Friday, February 27, 2009


(Cassie- shoes: Givenchy, Location: NYC Subway)

Ok Cassie, we need to have a serious talk. I really don't understand why your feet have to be miniture because I have never wanted to borrow a pair of shoes so bad in my life. Cassie wore these works of art to The News Showroom with us on Saturday in NYC. Yes, they may hurt but, you can't complain when in Givenchy. They are uber tough.

Follow Me Down

(Christy- dress: BCBG)

So, one of my bestest Christy O, has now created a myspace for her fabulous music. Now we can all enjoy! Those of you who have never heard, will soon know why I am a bit obsessed. She is pretty rad I do have to say. Go see for yourself:

Thursday, February 26, 2009

If I Ever Turn Up Missing

(Gucci Spring 2009 RTW)
So, I am just going to put this out there...if someday I am nowhere to be found, no worries because I am sitting in this cabana (wherever this is), wearing this Gucci number. I will be in no danger, except maybe to myself, due to all the yummy drinks with umbrellas in them that I will be consuming. Frida Giannini has done wonders this season for the fashion house and I want to move somewhere where it is always warm and the water is as blue as this dress. That way, I can wear everything in this collection. Why can't I just spa all day? Is it really that much to ask?

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Bubbly and Styrofoam...A Winning Pair!

(Me- jeans: 18th Amendment, boots: Gucci, jacket: Elizabeth and James, scarf: Gap)

After yummy sushi and sake we decided a champagne toast was in order at our new store Dressing Room (opening March 7). Nothing like a little bubbly in Styrofoam cups. Everybody get ready because it is going to be super fabulous if I say so myself! Jacqueline and I are back at it and the Louisville fashion scene is once again about to be back on the upswing!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

More Is Not Always More.

(Jenni Kayne Pre-Fall 2009 RTW)

I am a huge fan of over sized wooden jewelry and this outfit showcases it perfectly. The leather trouser cut pants are uber sexy by themselves but, this slouchy silk button down is to die for. I especially love the black button detail. I am obsessed with menswear on women when done right. I mean I think I really want this in my life.

Sparring is Hott

At my home away from home (Julie's) last night, I decided after a few glasses of pinot, it would be a great idea to sparr with Adam (my love) in Missoni no less. So my right side is much better than my left but, after comparing biceps, he is barely beating me. I don't look tough. Right? That's all part of my plan to kick your ass. Sneaky huh?

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Had To Do It Again

(Matthew Williamson Pre-Fall 2009 RTW)

I know I just posted about this collection but, what can I do when there is so much fabulousity? This is my second favorite look from Matthew Williamson. I like these pants even more in this fuchsia color and we all know everything is better with a few gold studs to go with it. The orange turtleneck is fresh to death when paired with the pants and scarf. This is working girl in the city done right. The only thing she is missing is a little leopard. Animal print always does the trick.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Not So PC

(Matthew Williamson Pre-Fall 2009 RTW)

My lover has done it to me again with this Pre-Fall Collection. So much goodness to be had. However, we all know I am a lover of fur. Always have been and always will be. Which, brings us to this picture. The pants are amazing and I want them obviously but, not nearly as much as I want this cropped fur coat. Oh, and I kinda really am lusting after this models hair. In case you don't know, Matthew just opened his new meatpacking district boutique and I am so making an appearance when I am in New York this week. Glam rock just keeps on keeping on.

Dance, Dance Revolution

(tank: T by Alexander Wang, jacket: Alexander Wang, jeans: 18th Ammendment, belt: Goodwill, shoes: Christian Louboutin, scarf: Gap)
I don't know what it is with me and the dancing/posing in bathrooms. But, yet again here I am breaking it down with a little Patsy Cline. She is a staple at Julie's palace in the sky. Seriously, I am becoming quite the dancer.

Doin It To It.

(Christy- t-shirt: T by Alexander Wang, hat: vintage. Me- tank: T by Alexander Wang, necklace: vintage, scarf: Gap. Jac- jacket: Gryphon, t-shirt: T by Alexander Wang, jeans: J Brand, shoes: if only you could see them)
So, if you read anything about what we are wearing, you would have noticed that T by Alexander Wang must have arrived! We have all become instantly obsessed with the new line and I don't know how I was ever without. One of my loves rocked out on Friday night at 60 West. It could not have been better and Janis and Hank do really live on.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Warm and Toasty

(Louis Vuitton Pre-Fall 2009)

This is by far by favorite look from the new LV collection. This outfit is like butter. I love the color combo and her burgundy lips are very right for Fall. I want to wear this on a Tuesday evening in October, sitting by a fire in a dark red lounge chair. I am picturing Wall street types around me with cigars and bad hair. Sexy I know.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

It's Like That.

(shirt: American Apparel, skirt: Urban Ourfitters, shoes: Chanel, belt: Goodwill, cuff: IWood.
So, Julie and I went to dinner at Sapporos at 9:00 p.m. on a Wed. and after two large sakes, ordered plane tickets to Nassau at 12:30 a.m. to leave on Thurs. at noon. So, this is me at the Micheal Jordan private party at Aura at The Atlantis. Of course I could care less what is going on and Julie and I are taking solo pics in the bathroom. So, here is mine. Enjoy!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


(Rebecca Taylor Spring 2009 RTW)

I am quite positive that romptastic is not a real word but, in the world of fashion it does not even matter. Anything can be whatever you want, which is why it happens to be my profession. Fashion allows you to exist in a fabulous gray area were you can do, be, and wear what you want. Now that is my kind of reality. Which, brings us to this ethereal romper that I am totally purchasing. The print is so sweet and the neckline is angelic sexy. In love.

The Next Best Thing

(Moet Spring 2009 Campaign)

OK, so I swear I didn't even have to create this. Apparently, Moet is awesome and decided that Julia was a great name to use in their new campaign, advertising that you can now add personal swarovski crystal messages on any Moet bottle. In conclusion, not only do they rock because they used my name but, this is such a fab Valentine surprise.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Discreetly Peekaboo

(Bebe Spring 2009)
I have never been a Bebe girl. But, I must admit that the brand has really stepped things up. I find myself loving more and more things from this store. Cutouts are huge this season and if you can't afford the fabulous Preen version, you can most definitely dig on this. For little over a hundred dollars you can rock this dress and one of Spring's most provocative looks. I am thinking about making a little trip to the mall to try this one out. Strategically sexy is what I want to be.

Be Even More Airport Chic

(Louis Vuitton)
So I have this phrase "Airport Chic". All of you know what I am talking about, or at least my best friends do because it's major. You must always look your best, no matter the situation. And, the airport is no exception. You must look like you didn't try in the least and just happened to roll out of bed looking effortlessly fabulous. Easy you say? Not so much. It is quite the art and this LV roll carry on would really top things off nicely. I thought I just wanted the classic brown but, maybe the red is the way to go. Escaping with style is so very in.

The Key Player

(Pic 1: Jacket, D&G; top, Loomstate for Barneys Green; shorts, Kimberly Ovitz; shoes, Bottega Veneta; bag, Yves Saint Laurent; sunglasses, Ray-Ban. Pic 2: Jacket, pants, Gucci; top, Go Green by Phillip Lim; shoes, Bottega Veneta; bag, Raw Bags; sunglasses, Gucci; necklace and cuff, price upon request, Love Heals.)
I love both of these looks so very much. The jacket is a keepsake for Spring and THE must have. Both of these looks are also eco friendly and in case you haven't heard, Go Green by Phillip Lim is uber hip and this plaid button down is a good excuse to go organic. Now on to even more serious matters...The sequin D&G jacket is to die for and I love it paired with more dressed down accessories. Yummy!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

"Price Upon Request" Translation: I Want It Now

(Balmain Spring 2009)
I obviously am completely infatuated by these Balmain shoes. Of course they are all over the red carpet and the price is not listed in any of the mags, which is never a good sign. Thankfully I think I may have found a good copy for alot less. Will post when I receive them in the mail. Gotta love those knockoffs in this economic state.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Pet Couture

This was just too good. I mean we all have to look good but, we must not leave out our animals in the process. They have to be equally as fabulous! I found this online today when I was looking for a Valentine's present for Bianca. You can purchase this crystal name tag on And, surprisingly it is not to pricey. So, go ahead and outfit your little one in some bling! Their worth it!

Be Mine

(Alexander Wang Spring 2009 RTW)
This is very Madonna circa 1985 and I freaking love it. However, it is a much more updated look without the cones. I want to wear this and just dominant things. I feel as though if I were to wear this I could possibly take on another personality. One that would be very sultry and a bit hateful. Quite fun it would be.

Backpacks Are Too Tough

(Gucci Spring 2009)
These are the moments when I wish I was a student at Constance and could pair this Gucci backpack with my oh so fab Dior bag. I have been a bit obsessed with the black Alexander Wang backpack but, I think this Gucci may take the cake on backpack chic. The color alone gets my vote but, the gold detailing is killer. The mini front pockets would hold my Lip Venom and Crackberry perfectly. It must be meant to be! Thanks for the tip Julie! Could you go ahead and pre-order this so, maybe one day I can borrow it?!

What A Girl Wants

(Proenza Schouler Pre-Fall 2009 RTW)

Lauren, this post is for you my love. And, you were so right! This collection is what I want to wear everyday. It was so hard to even pick my favorites. Honestly, I should have just put every single runway look on my blog. But, here is a little taste for ya! So, the lace up suede boots are so happening in my closet. I am in love with the color palette of gray, black, navy, and purple. I am always a big fan of navy and black, then you add the touch of gold jersey and is just all too fabulous. Lazaro Hernandez and Jack McCollough have created what all us cool chicks want to wear when out on the scene. The purple dress is perfect for the party circuit. Now on to the layering. So sexy casual it is with the yummy leather colored gloves mixed in. I might have to go ahead and declare that this could be my favorite Pre-Fall Collection yet.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Who Says Moscow Is Cold?

(Chanel Pre-Fall 2009 RTW)
These are my two favorites from Karl Lagerfeld's newest collection for Chanel. After 25 years with the design house, he still manages to come up with something even more outrageous. Taking inspiration from Russian society and mixing a bit of Parisian flair, he created winter fantasia and I could not be more in love. The empress head pieces might be a bit much for everyday wear but, these red leather pants are certainly not. And how about that fur muff? I need that. And, I have not even touched on the gold and fur boots. I mean really. They are outstanding. I love this sweater dress outfitted with the skyline of Moscow mixed with the orange scarf and gold shimmer tights (which I am getting a pair of ASAP). All in all, in my next life maybe I should come back as a oligarchette and do a riduculous amount of spending on Chanel.

Absolutely Alessandro

(Alessandro Dell'Acqua Spring 2009 RTW)
I have an intense love for this designer. Hailing from Milan in all his fabulousness, Alessandro made me very happy with this Spring Collection. Granted, it is a bit puzzling to find the commonality between the pieces. But, who needs that when he creates such one-of-kind looks. Of course you can say he had a little bit of Pocahontas influence, which we all know is one of my favorites. I am feeling I could be super posh and wear this around the house while sitting by the fire with a fur coverlet. No? Or, I could channel Kate Moss and sport this while out and about in London town. Either way, this silk pajama motif with the chunky sweater and boots is demurely sexy and once again a bit boho chic.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Crazy for Chloe

(Chloe Spring 2009 RTW)
So Cassie texts me this morning about the Chloe Spring Collection and I had already viewed of course but, totally forgot to blog about how fab it is! Don't ask me how this slipped my mind. I am not sure. These are my two favs and the red shorts I can't even talk about. I want to wear an all leather outfit as soon as possible. I am also loving all the scallop details, which is all over this collection.

Gone Givenchy

(Givenchy Pre- Fall 2009 RTW)

This is the low down. Are you ready? The entire Pre-Fall Givenchy collection is stunning. However, this runway look is my absolute lust. I am not even sure what is going on with these pants/leggings but, I want to be a part of it. Riccardo Tisci came full circle with this collection after four years at the design house. This is a wonderful culmination of ideas and progressions. I am thinking Blair Waldorf gone heroin chic. No? The muted palate is perfection. This might have to happen in my closet.

A Tribute

(Alexander Wang Pre-Fall RTW 2009)

Here it goes. All the new Pre-Fall Collections are out and I am on overload. I just can't stop! But, one of my first stops along the long road of dying over all the designers, was Alexander Wang. As predicted, I am head over heels. These are my four favorite looks from the runway show. From the perfect anytime all white dress to the hard edge leather vest, he just gets it right. I am in love with the top of the cocktail pink and black. The cut is sweet and abstract. And do I even need to get started on the all black ensemble? I think not. There are just some outfits that speak for themselves. Cocktails at 3:00 p.m. Oh! In downtown! I think so.

Monday, February 2, 2009

My Girl

(suit: YSL- Bianca and Mick Jagger at their wedding, May 1971)

I had to give a tribute to my girl, Bianca Jagger. After all Jacquline and I did name her dog after this style icon. Recently engaged, I find myself forced to answer all sorts of questions concerning my dress, the flowers, the cake, the blah, blah, blah. So, in an effort to fight back towards the cliche of weddings, I am considering a copy situation. It may have to involve a Yves Saint Laurent suit to really do this fashion legend justice. Just throwing it out there. Feel free to comment on your opinion of this. This is your shout out Bianca.

Classified: Seeking Man Wearing Missoni

(Missoni Men Pre-Fall RTW 2009)
Ok, so here is how it went down. I am up last night blogging at around 12:30 a.m. , when all of a sudden my Crackberry goes off and I have a text. Who could this be I ask? Well, Cassie, my sister's best friend and my dear little one, just wanted to send a little message concerning whether I had seen the new Pre-Fall Missoni Men Collection. Of course I had but, had not yet considered blogging about it. So, in conclusion, this sexy blog about menswear is dedicated to Cassie. Thanks for the tip! Also, props for my title! So, now on to the fashion portion of this extremely lengthy thought I am having. This collection is outstanding and not only do I need a man dressed head to toe in does Cassie, Jacqueline, Julie, Malloree, Christy, Sarah, etc. I think you get the point. The mix of textures in black and white, with a pop of color is right on for this season. And obviously the signature Missioni makes quite the appearance. And, I could just faint over the yummy coats and how oh very dapper they are. Ok, I am done now and as you can see I am a bit obesessed with the whole thing.

There Is Only One

(Pic 1- sweater: TSE, boots: Manolo Blahnik, coat: vintage shearling, bag: sequin fabulousness)
(Pic 2- dress: Balenciaga, coat: Christian LaCroix, shoes: Christian Louboutin)
I figured while I was at it, I might as well go ahead and let my precious baby blog lose it's virginity with a little bit of Sex and the City. Season 6 was my fave when it comes to Carrie's wardrobe. I remember watching her walk down the streets of Paris on dreary, rainy days in the most fabulous ensembles I could imagine. She was the dazzling heart to the lonely city. These two pics might be my favorite outfits of the entire season. I can't believe I even just said that because there are so many but, if I was held at gunpoint and forced to choose, these are it.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Once a Bad Girl, Always a Fab Girl

(Cape: Alloy, Skirt: McQ by Alexander McQueen, Hat: Anthropologie)
Ok, so this will officially be my second Gossip Girl blog. I have tried to tame myself and not get completely out of control. However, I have a feeling that just how my obsession with the show started innocently enough, so will the Gossip Girl blogging. Then, before you know it, I am only posting pics of Blair and Serena! I have always wanted to own a pair of skates with furry pink balls on them. They are so very retro. Not to mention the white tights and plaid are a perfect punch. Rockafeller Center just got steamier. XOXO.