Monday, March 30, 2009

Pierre Please

(Pierre Hardy Spring/Summer 2009)

Making his name designing for Dior and Balenciaga, Pierre Hardy is now making it all on his own. I must say that his effort has gone a long way. These are my four favs from his new collection. I could not pick just one, as usual. The roping is uber sexy and would be quite the look for a day on the boat. The gold pair I would probably never take off and wear way too often. They remind me of my first pair of Louboutins. I bought them at Saks in NYC and they were these fabulous pair of cork 5 inch heels, with gold fleck. To die for and I wore those poor things out. Nothing that a little TLC at the shoe doc couldn't fix! Thank God! Anyways, back to how in love I am in with everything this man is doing. Thanks Cassie for the 1:00 a.m. fashion tip!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Fabulous Mate!

(Camilla and Marc Spring 2009)
Brother and sister duo, Camilla and Marc Freeman hailing from the "land down under" launched their namesake line in 2003. The fabulousness of their pieces have become a main stay in the fashion industry and have been spotted on celebrities such as, Elle Macpherson and Kristen Stewart. And if Edward Cullen digs it, every girl should be sporting it. From the hand made french lace mini to the dupioni silk strip skirt, every piece is major and the best thing of all, is Camilla and Marc has arrived at Dressing Room! Come and get dressed with us!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Wish Granted

(Matthew Williamson for H&M Spring 2009)

Many thanks to our little New Yorker, Lauren, for this fab tip! My dreams are coming true because Matthew Williamson has just designed a capsule collection for H&M that will be hitting the store on April 23. We all know my slight obsession with the designer and now I can maybe actually afford a piece! I am so getting this bright blue blazer with hot pink detailing and the leather bomber is superb. Lauren, Jac and I are going to need you to pick up a few things for us!

“I wanted to create an urban collection with my brand’s typical patterns and forms. It has been fascinating to search through the archives and select the most iconic garments, and then recast them for H & M.”
- Matthew Williamson

Sometimes it just doesn't get any better...

Friday, March 20, 2009

Choice de jour

(Alexander McQueen)
I could not be more in love with a pair of peep toe booties, than I am with these McQueen masterpieces. Julie found these on Net-a-Porter and I am in major lust. I mean, how good really are the pink bottoms? So good. Not to mention, that peep toe footwear is coming back for another season and is just a chic as ever. It is just not fair that I don't have these in my closet. I am going to make Julie buy these so, I can at least see them in person.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


(Jennifer Zeuner: Freshwater Pearl LOVE bracelet)

Of course I have been doing a little online shopping this morning and came across this fab piece on I am so not one of those girls who wears pearls. Not a look I can pull off. Indian head piece? Yes. Pearl necklace? No. However, I am feeling this might have just enough of a haute hippie vibe, that I could maybe sport it. I think this bracelet is so fresh and festive for Spring!

Monday, March 16, 2009

THE Solution

My bff Julie bought these amazing tweezers for my sister Jac for her b-day. Needless to say, we are all obsessed. So much so, that we are now carrying them at Dressing Room. What is even more fab fun is you can get swarovski crystals of your birth stone in them. Love! We all know that there is the one hair that you can't get and you want to freak out. Listen, freak out no more. These puppies are amazing!

The Girls

(Girl 1- dress: Larsen Gray, Girl 2- jacket: Elizabeth and James, skirt: Elizabeth and James, purse: Rebecca Minkoff, tank: T by Alexander Wang. Girl 2- tank: T by Alexander Wang, skirt: Elizabeth and James, clutch: Rebecca Minkoff)
This right here is the fabulous photography of my bff Julie. We feel very close to these three. So close in fact, that Julie named them for Jacqueline and me. Monique, Minique, and Unique. Intense. They are saucy and fab so, it was necessary. Gotta love it.

We Wear Our Sunglasses at Night...but, Maybe Not

Julie and I graced Maker's Mark last night with our presence. I was casually drinking my mini bottle of Korbel, when this random man decided to strut up next to us with his shades on. I must note that it was 12:47 a.m. I like to be specific with the timing situation. So, back to the story at hand. This made Julie and me laugh, a lot. Which is what brings me to these pictures. We decided to attempt the cool factor of this strange occurrence. Our solution you ask? The Ray-Bans came out and Julie, Perrin, and I did solo pics (my fav of course) and rocked the look hard. I mean who really does that in Louisville on a Saturday at 12:47 a.m.? Be serious.

gettin ready

(Me- tee: T by Alexander Wang, hot pants: Rock and Republic, fur: vintage, cardi: Fred Segal, shoes: Christian Louboutin. Julie- tank: T by Alexander Wang, jeans: J Brand, shoes: Calvin Clein, fedora: unknown but, we want to know, cuff: iWood, wrap: Central Park West cashmere, attitude: unmatched.)
Julia: Welcome Everyone....To Julie's first ever guest blog. I am sharing her random knowledge with all my followers. Good shit....
Julie: well hi there cyber friends...if you only know what it feels like to get dressed in the dressing room of julia and jaqueline... i will claim several items on my bod, especially the fedora, however, it is truly a women's best dream place. need a tee in any color or shape, fur, funky skirt, diamond snake bracelet?....then you have found the and peace to my favorite people in the world...jac where the hell are you for a getting ready pic?

Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Long View

(Carlos Miele Fall 2009 RTW)
While researching the newest trends for Fall, I came across this fab look for the Carlos Miele runway show. Long skirts and dresses are making a big statement and I am in love with this outfit. The long blazer is still in play and is perfect with this long evening skirt. I think this is such a sexy way to do a black tie evening look. I of course will be scrounging through my arsenal to put something similiar together. This leaves alot to the imagination and that is always fun and flirty.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Crew: Minus A Few

(Christy- dress: Madison Marcus, shoes: Micheal Kors, Rebecca- top: AA, skirt: Kara Janx, Julie- dress: Catherine Malandrino, boots: Fendi, Me- dress: Larson Gray, shoes: Christian Louboutin, Jac- dress: Prada, shoes: Christian Louboutin, Sarah T, Emily- dress: Cynthia Steffe, Sarah- dress: Cynthia Steffe, Jen O)
This is the crew, minus Lauren,Malloree and NatNat (get a babysitter!). Miss you! Oh and Edgar would so be included in our fab posse! This is at the opening of our new boutique Dressing Room on Saturday night. If you were not in attendance, then I feel sorry for you. If we didn't send you an invite there must be a reason. HaHa! much love to everyone! Come Get Dressed With Us!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Don't Even Think About It.

(Jac- dress: Prada, shoes: Christian Louboutin, Me- dress: Larson Gray, shoes: Christian Louboutin, jacket: Alexander Wang, cuff: Iwood.)
Me and my partner, lover, and sister, JacJac. Here we are standing in Dressing Room's fitting rooms. Much love to everyone who came and celebrated with us! Please come and see us soon! We promise fresh popcorn and all beverages that you may enjoy. We all know it's going to be a good time!

It Goes On And On...

(Natalie- dress: Elizabeth and James, Julie- dress: Catherine Malandrino ps...such a shame you can't see the Fendi over the knee boots. It was a good look. Location- Dressing Room Grand Opening)
My BFF and one of my dear ones, Natalie. Loving the E&J borrow. It is so uber. Much love to Julie for kicking some catering ass and whipping shit together Martha Stewart style times a million. My friend are so hott. I mean really, I just have to go ahead and say that.

Edwardian Style

(Givenchy Haute Couture)

I think I may be digging this new Edwardian trend that is popping up on the runway from Givenchy to Lacroix. I am a huge fan of this Gothic and glamor combo and that neck piece is stunning. Anybody out there feeling me?

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Does It Get Any Cooler?

(Adam- trunks: Del Sol (spanish for "The Sun")
This might be my favorite person on earth. Not only is he super yummy but, he is such a kind old soul. Why can't he be about 15 years older? PS. Sorry Jason and Adam. This is Adam (Julie's love) hanging tough on the perfect beaches of The Bahamas. I am so missing this place more than ever. Don't you just want to sit down under the shade and hang with him? I promise it will be entertaining. He once told me that Julie and I could not yet go on our much anticipated trip to Thailand because of some crazy civil war happening. What? Was that on MSNBC? Guess we wouldn't know because Bravo is too addicting to watch the news.

Holly Is My Jam

(headpiece: loan from Cassie, jacket: Alexander Wang, scarf: I think we all know by know. Location: Holly Hot car)
Fast foward about two hours after the last picture and here we are. I am driving Julie's baby Holly to God only knows where. I think Brendan's. I felt like an Indian princess in this fit. Loving it!

Doin It Well

(Me- shorts: Wayne, tshirt: James Perse, tights: American Apparel, jacket: Alexander Wang,scarf: Gap, head piece: borrow from Cassie. Location: Our Closet)
I borrowed this fab head piece from Cassie when we were in New York. Thank God Jac and I picked up a new great line that makes festive pieces such as this. I decided this might be a good look for last Wednesday. So, I rocked it out hard and danced, danced. I know, I know, the infamous pink scarf. Spring is coming soon and I promise to stop sporting it all the time. I am so in love with this Alexander Wang crop jacket. It has a Chanel touch with a little bit of edge in the treated patented trim. I think I am on the phone with Jason. Have no clue what the hell I am thinking!

Brunching..It's What We Do.

(Me- cardigan- vintage Anne Klein, t-shirt- AA Sexualitee)

We did what everyone else does in New York on Sunday at 1:00, we went brunching. Great thing about Sunday brunch is a Bloody Mary or Mimosa comes with your meal. Now that is a good treat. Ocean Grill on Columbus is one of our most yummy spots and I killed an omelet in about 5 seconds. You can't really see it that well in this photo but, I am wearing one of my most coveted possessions. Jac found this amazing sequin cardigan in one of our mother's many closets and she is so not ever getting it back. I thought it was totally appropriate for this occasion. Who doesn't love a little sequin? Much love to Cassie, Lauren, and Edgar! Miss you!

Pink Is Here To Stay

(Me- coat: vintage, purse: Chanel, jeans: 18th Amendment, scarf: Gap, hat: find at Upper West Side Flea Market, Location: Cafe Lalo)

This pic was taken by my lovely finance at my fav place, Cafe Lalo on the Upper West Side. I have noticed that in almost every shot I am wearing this damn pink scarf. But, what can I say? I really dig it right now! After working all weekend we decided Sunday would be a good day for a bit of day drinking and flea market shopping. I purchased the hat I am wearing there for a steal, plus it was cold and rainy in NYC and that so doesn't work for me. Hat? Yes please! I'm I looking a bit dazed? may or may not be their delicious champagne concoctions.

Monday, March 2, 2009

It's Happening!

So, I am sorry I have been sucking at blogging lately! But, I have a good excuse! Dressing Room is hosting our Grand Opening Party this Saturday from 7-9 PM. Everyone should be in attendance and wear something uber fabulous! Please come check out all the exclusive designer labels! Jac and I can't wait to see everyone!