Thursday, May 28, 2009

Like Wine, Some Things Just Get Better With Age

(Me and my bestest Mal)
So thrilled that Malloree came in from ATL this past weekend to celebrate with us for Nate's wedding! And what would a weekend with Mal be without a little dance party to end the night? Not quite the same I must say. Just singing a little diddy in this pic. God only knows what. My guess is a little Steve Miller Band.

Work That Body

(Me- dress: Prada, necklace: CCSkye)
So, this past weekend we all attended Nate's wedding AKA The Wedding Of the Century. Jacqueline's Prada find was a must and the Super T's playing just really topped it all off for me. Mal and Charlie made an appearance and Christy O was the best date a girl could have. As usual we danced our faces off and had photo shoots throughout the night. Nice.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

A Small Tree Was Harmed In The Making Of These Shoes

(Julie- shoes: Alexander Wang 2009)
These are not even to be messed with. If you can walk in them without dying. Julie and I were on the hunt for the most fabulous shoes we could find for Derby and wouldn't you know it, I was online shopping and found these puppies on Barneys. Called Julie asap and she ordered them in 5 minutes, which was good because they sold out in 30. Could you not just die?

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Porchini Posse

(Me- shirt: Gap, skirt: Urban Outfitters, shoes: Christian Louboutin, Julie- top: Anna Sui, jeans: 18th Ammendment, Natalie- shorts: American Apparel, tank: American Apparel, necklace: Kenneth Jay Lane)
Well who would have imagined it but, here we are at yet another cocktail night at Porchinis. Honestly, the pizza and La Crema just keep bringing me back for more. Not to mention that you can barely see your hand in front of your face when your sitting at the bar. Makes for a great lighting after a long day!

One Hot Mama!

(Jac- jacket: Dolce and Gabanna, tee: Alexander Wang, jeans: A&E, Natalie- dress: Catherine Malandrino, Me- jacket- Wayne, tee- Alexander Wang, jeans: American Apparel)
Natalie's little one, Baby Kilbourne, had his 1st birthday this past weekend and of course Jac and I were in attendance for the festivities. The hostess with the most est not only had yummy mac and cheese and a signature cocktail but, the mommy gone crazy built this insane chocolate volcano cake. I was quite impressed and praying that somewhere inside was still our Natalie and she had not yet been taken by the mommy posse. Those bitches are not getting this one. She is ours. Happy Birthday Kilbourne!

Dressing Room Knows How To Impress

(Natalie P- dress: Camilla and Marc, Me- dress: Camilla and Marc, Jac- dress: Madison March, belt vintage, Julie- dress: Elizabeth and James, Jessica- dress: Camilla and Marc...all available at Dressing Room!)
So, last Friday Dressing Room was the host boutique for the new summer Friday Night Happy Hour at Churchill. Not knowing what to expect and trying not to get struck by lightening in the ensuing storm, our fabulous selves went out to pick the "best dressed" girl and of course do a little side partying in the Turf Club! Thanks to all our wonderful customers who shopped and participated in this event with us! Too much fun!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Fancy Find

(Jac's find at Off 5th- Betsey Johnson)
So this pic was taken the night before Oaks. I made Julie's house guest my personal photographer and had him snap this shot of my shoes! Jac bought these at Off 5th for a steal and have never worn them. Which, I actually can't believe because they have been around for a bit. No surprise I paired them with my infamous hot pants but, they just looked so good together!They are just such a party and made me feel uber festive all evening. Looks like these babies might have to make it around more often.

Friday, May 15, 2009

About The Town...

a few more words from Jacqueline...
Artist Steve Keene at work in his Brooklyn Studio
Brooklyn based artist Steve Keene has been so kind as to grace Louisville with his presence and amazingly affordable art. Keene spent one week in our city walking and painting his days away...every work was inspired by little local cafes, historic neighborhoods, and, no one worry, Bourbon...our choice drink of course. Also a plus, Keene insists on his art being assessable to all people which is reflected in the prices of $8 to $10, and the mass production of subjects...does anyone need 20 paintings of Maker's Mark? Hello! So get downtown to The Green Building's gallery and support the arts!
(Exhibit runs through May 29th)

Take Me Home...

Jacqueline here again...
(Image 1 Sketch of "Hollyhock House")
(Image 2 "FallingWater")
Both designed by Frank Lloyd Wright
In my last two years of college my ArtHistory degree led me to a fondness for architecture. My favorite? Frank Lloyd Wright's "FallingWater" a mile. Architecture Professor William Allin Storrer describes Fallingwater as "the best-known private home for someone not of royal blood in the history of the world." I am not a princess...I have zero royal blood...when do I move in? For all architects and designers focused on inside/outside relationships...this house is your dream. "HollyHock House" is just fabulous due to the logic and ingenuity of Wright, not to mention the uber local in the Hollywood Hills...I die!

A Little Thanks and Reminiscing...

Jacqueline here...
There is nothing I love more than taking off for a fabulous weekend in NYC…and now…thanks to my bestie Lauren for enrolling in FIT and becoming an official resident…I have a more fabulous excuse to frequent the big city as ever! (Forget that my job takes me there 4 times a year…friends in the city are the best kind) Pic above reflects the last getaway…security outside the door…do not worry! They were only coming to let us into our other room across the hall in order to get an Alexander Wang jaket for Cassie to wear to dinner! I mean…you can’t wear anything to Chloe...Even hotel security understood a fashion crisis was not to be ignored... Booked my June trip last night! See you bitches soon! XOXO

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Pretty In A Little Pink

(Julie: dress: Larson Gray, hat- Lady Diane Couture, purse- Rebecca Minkoff, watch- Chopard, ring- someone by the name of Cartier, bracelet- Alexis Bittar, jewels- well, ya know it's a personal thing. The bitch owns it!)
So the bestest obviously was outdone only in Dressing Room. If you don't know, now you know bitches. Looking stunning in Larson Gray's organic sustainable maxi and all her diamonds, no one could beat her. As usual. You gotta love a little diamonds with a great wedge heel. My BFF and cohort for the day was out of control. Doing and doing it well I must say.

Dressing Room Goes Derby

(Sarah Hester: dress- Laila Azhar, hat- Lady Diane Couture)
One of our favs sported it hard in Dressing Room for Derby! Looking uber fabulous in Laila and an insane head piece, Sarah was not to be out done. I love that our clients and friends look so great in everything they wear! I must say it was quite the decision on this outfit but, as everyone can see, the right choice was made. You looked amazing Sarah! Happy Derby!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Alex My Love, We Need To Talk

(Alexander Wang Fall 2009 RTW)
Alexander Wang just won't quit with all his fabulousity! Yes, my friends the word was needed. It's back out of the closet and my love for this amazing designer still remains. I can't even be sure what exactly this entire outfit is made of but, I am guessing all leather and I want it now. Why can't I be Angelina and carry a gun and do secret operative mission stunts? I don't think its too much to ask for really. Loves it!

Is There Ever Such A Thing As Too Much Animal Print?

(Blumarine Fall 2009 RTW)
The answer to that question is a big fat hell no! I am absolutely dying over this look from the Fall runway show! I mean seriously? I am not sure if there has ever been an outfit more perfect for me. Now all I have to do is become Kate Moss so, they will send it to me priority mail. That could get difficult I feel. Damn. Well, I guess I will just stare at the pic all day and dream that somehow this will end up in my closet.

Pucci Goes Pink

(Pucci Fall 2009 RTW)
Hailing from Milan, Pucci's Fall 2009 runway show did not disappoint. This is my fav piece from the new collection and I don't even wear pink (as we are all aware). I am infatuated with the construction and think the one arm look is super sexy. I need to go to Capri right now and just walk the streets in this dress. I am just interested to see what might happen. Something good. I feel it.

Recessionista Proof

(Banana Republic)
This is the statement piece I have chosen as the must have for the summer season. It needs to be worn with all black or all white in my personal opinion. If you have this around your neck, you need not much else happening. Besides being totally fabulous, the price is even more outstanding! Gotta love Banana for offering us recessionistas amazing pieces on a budget price level.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Derby It To Me

(Me: hat- Lady Diane Couture Hats, dress- Camilla and Marc, necklace- Banana Republic, shoes- Gucci, jacket- Alexander Wang, location: Finish Line Suites at Churchill Downs)
So for all of you who don't know, Oaks this year was a "Pink Out". We were all encouraged to wear pink and $1 dollar from every ticket sold was donated to the Breast Cancer Foundation. In an effort to get into the spirit of things..I went against everything in my being and wore pink! Usually I can't get out of black and as you can see in the pic, I still incorporated the color! This might be the only pic you will ever see of me in a pink dress! Enjoy!