Friday, April 29, 2011

Me and My Earthy Self

Last week Jason and I traveled to his old college stomping grounds, Boulder, CO. I have now drank the Colorado kool-aid and would totally move there! No humidity and no bugs! Yes and thank you please. I channeled by inner outdoor side and hiked almost everyday. Above is a shot of me on the Eldorado Trail. Don't worry, I also fit in shopping and a manicure. Bought my first Patagonia fleece. It was a big moment.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Murky Indeed

standard side pose the sisters breaking it down
street strut


(me: Jacket- Style Stalker, skirt- Zara, tank- C&C, tights- DKNY, shoes- Louboutin, purse- Chanel. Jac: pants- Current Elliot, jacket- Zara, top- Alexander Wang, shoes- Rose Gold, purse- vintage Chanel)

Had to blog the party pics and mini photo shoot pics we had on Saturday. We descended upon The Bubble Lounge at midnight after a yummy dinner at David Burke's Townhouse and a quick cocktail at The Soho Grand Hotel. The Bubble Lounge is one of my fav spots in the city. Everyone is so happy there because the only beverage on the menu is champagne. With more than 500 bubbles to choose from, I can say I was in my version of heaven. Don't even get me started on the chocolate chip cookies served rare, medium, or well done. Yes, I am serious. Somehow we ended up shutting the place down and dancing till 4am. Murky hour indeed.

Bubble Time

This past weekend Jac and I traveled to New York for my wedding dress fitting and general fun with sisters Frankie and Brooke. The 3 days we spent in the city were out of control fabulous and I scooped this new long leopard maxi skirt from Zara. Wish they had it in every color! This pic was snapped outside The Bubble Lounge at a very late hour on Saturday eve/Sunday morning.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


(Jane. image via SeaofShoes)

Found this snapshot on one of my fav blogs this morning, Sea of Shoes. Jane is such an amazing fashion blogger and her outfits are always to die for. I fell totally in love with this photo. The fedora/pirate hat with the long feathers is so fabulous and her eye make-up is making me want to experiment with different, darker hues for my next night out on the town!