Friday, January 30, 2009

Ibiza Anyone?

Clearly I want to be an Indian princess this morning. I can't even talk about how freaking fun this swimsuit would be. Not to mention the bottoms are a party and would be uber delicious when visiting a topless beach. Tassels and fringe are always a good choice and if your ass is small enough, this is a must.

Off the Reservation- Sale Item of the Week

(Jimmy Choo Fall 2008)
I promised to pick a sale item of the week and this is my new find. Of course, I found this on Net-a-Porter. Where else? Granted it is obviously not a steal but, it is just so great. Maybe there is one of you out there who can justify this purchase. Me not being able to. Pocahantas would not have shit on me.

Passionate Paisley

(Etro Spring 2009 RTW)
I can't believe I have yet to blog about Etro's spring line. I always love the colorful and fun patterns but, this season is better than ever. I think I need some foreign stud to take me to lunch somewhere fab in Milan so, I can wear this outfit. These pants are like Amelia Earhart on crack. Aviation fashion has never been so boho chic.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Punking Ain't Easy

(Charles Anastase Spring 2009 RTW)

I have a strange feeling that the 80's may be showing up this season. While this is not one of my favorite era's, I most definitely could sport this Charles Anastase runway look. Not only is the skirt so fun and fresh but, the chestnut shoes with the pop of pink is too good. Madonna is still pretty righteous so, I suppose we can give the 80's another chance.

JUMP Right In

(Halston Spring 2009 RTW)

So I have already done the jump suit thing early this past summer in LA. Jac bought this amazing tie dye one piece in Paris last year and it had to be done immediately. However, I am thinking of picking up a solid black and would freak out to own the Halston above. I am not the only one mad for the look. Every designer this season seems to have included the apparent new trend.

Magnificent Mondrian

(YSL "Mondrian" Day Dress Autumn 1965)
This is Jacqueline guest blogging from St. James...this may become frequent so everyone look forward to my thoughts! As an Art History major I have found my niche in the 20th century modern period...mainly for the simplicity and sustainability of the ideas and designs. This dress, by the always fabulous YSL, took 1960's artist Piet Mondrian's infamous thoughts on lines and sensibility to a new level with this day time look. Is there anything better than wearing a piece as if YSL himself took a paintbrush right to you? I can't think of anything...Ciao!

Break The Ice

(Moschino Spring 2009)

These Moschino shoes are absolutely fantastic. I don't know whether I would feel like Minnie Mouse or a Penguin but, either way would be fine. Take me to the arctic or The Magic Kingdom and I am sure to look fabulous.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Shredded, Yet Sensible

I am totally buying this shredded tee from TopShop. Usually things of this nature can be a bit raunchy if not done right but, this top is for keeps. Going to pair with my new Levi boyfriend jeans. Also a must have if you don't already possess a pair.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Winter Chic- Sale Pick of The Week


I have decided to implement a new feature on my blog. Every week, I am going to post my sale pick of the week. Well girls, these Pucci lapin earmuffs are it this week! I know that it is a look for sure but, who doesn't want to be a sexy snow bunny? These will surely do that. If you are interested in purchasing a pair, go to They are still a little steep but, totally worth it in my book!



I have been stalking these boots all fall season and they are finally on sale! Of course Net-a-Porter has to ruin my life and have them in my size. Why would they do that to me? It is 9:33 a.m. and I am at my computer trying to figure out how I can swing this purchase. I really think I would reach new fashion heights in these. What's a girl to do? Decisions, decisions.

Go Ahead, Be Flashy

(Dress: Acne, Shoes: Giuseppe Zanotti)

I was online shopping last night and came across this dress and then thought it might be perfect paired with these fierce new Giuseppe's. I D.I.E. This Baroque bustier is great anywhere and with the boots will be such an of-the-moment statement. Mal, if you are reading this, you need this dress now! It is a great addition to every fashionista's evening wear repertoire. So very red hot!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Eight Days A Week: Show and Tell Just Got More Fun

(Stella McCartney Knickers of the week)
I absolutely love these new knickers from Stella McCartney! They are such a great way to add playfulness to your everyday wardrobe. Wear something fabulous on the outside to match, knowing you are outfitted underneath especially for that day. Now that is alot more arousing then bringing your bird to show and tell.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Marni Madness

(Marni Spring 2009 RTW)

I found this incredible Marni outfit, while reading the new Vogue today. I had a minor freak out of course because it is insane! This outfit would be truly appreciated in the high-chic district of Place Vendome/St. Honoré in Paris. The place to flaunt your fabulous wears, would be outdone by this look.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Love Story

My fav pick from brunch. Me and my cohort with the mostest, sister and roomie, Jacqueline. She is totally channeling Angelina sexy face. Sultry my love.

Don't Be Green with Envy

(Julie- tank: Sharon Segal, vest: Bruce, jeans: Tag, shoes: Stevens, belt: Raina. Me- tank: American Apparel, jeans: J Brand, shoes: Christian Louboutin)

After a long day hard day (being facetious), we decided to have dinner at the boutique hotel Compass Point. This pic was taken as we were leaving. The moment I am about to share might be why The Bahamas is the best place on earth. The police officer guarding the parking lot watched Julie and I get into our car with wine glasses and our left over bottle. His response you ask? You ladies have a good night! Our response you ask? Oh don't worry, we will! As if not having the best time ever was even a possibility?

A RockBand Situation

(Lauren- tee: American Apparel, shades: RayBan. Christy- everything: American Apparel...except, jacket: E&J, shades: Tom Ford. Jac- sweater: H&M, shades: Ralph Lauren)
So, while lounging in the vampire room at Julie's, we were graced with this fab threesome. Could there be a more brillant menage trois? I think not. RockBand might be changed forever. No worries, they are currently on world tour and will be in a city near you. Does no one else do this on a Friday afternooon?

Nothin Can Hold Me Down

(Me- jacket: vintage, shirt: Eddie Bauer, necklace: vintage, jeans: American Apparel.)
This is what I did today, on the very cold day in Louisville of 2 degrees. If you are not familiar with this scene, I am kicking major booty on RockBand. Christy is of course doin it right being the top performer. This is the most addicting thing since red wine. You just can't help yourself. Be your fabulous self and go on world tour and buy those $1220 boots on RockBand store. Julie, Ivy Maguire can't be stopped!

Being Square Is Sexy

(Dsquared Spring 2009 RTW)
I will be suiting up this Spring season. There are many new choices out there, considering almost every designer has their own take on the revolutionized suit. I happen to be particulary fond of this look from Dsquared. The pocket square is so very rad and a festive way to give a twist to your fab man look. I wish I could live a day in the life of a woman CEO because I would totally rock this out in the board room. Props to Jac for finding this pic for me.

Lanvin Love

(Lanvin Spring 2009 RTW)
I could not love a color combo more than this runway look from Lanvin. I would love to sport this at a fiesta in Spain. The necklace I would love to pair with a white tee and jeans. So very Palm Beach I would be. The shoes in this pic are on Net-a-Porter right now for anyone of you out there who happen to have an extra $1200 lying around, might should think about picking them up. The heel may or may not be entirely covered in Swaroski crystals. Thought I should provide this tid bit of info, in case this sways your decision in any way.

Thursday, January 15, 2009


(Stella McCartney Spring 2009 RTW)
So we are all aware of the "naked dress" Carrie wore when she seduced Big. Well...I have decided this is the naked look for 2009. The oversize blazer is so making it another season and is spot on for balancing out this teeny tiny mini. The shoes are so delectable and all on their very own could land you a man. Wrap this look up and tie with a bow...I guarantee you will not be disappointed and neither will your gentleman friend.

Breakfast of Champions

Every morning around 9 am (yes, that early lovlies. Necessary in order for prime sun bathing location) we mosie our fabulous selves down to the pool. The dj is already playing Bob Marley and Sexy Chocolate (name of our fav pool waiter) brings us Vevue Cliquot champagne with a bowl of strawberries. It might be the best feeling in the world. Knowing you have nothing to do all day except lay at the pool and have drinks brought to you. Truly magnificent.

Lovin Life, Lovin Each Other

(Julie- top: E&J, jeans: J Brand, bag: Gucci, Shoes: Christian Louboutin. Me- dress: E&J, bag: Chanel, shoes: YSL)
We once again decided to be only about ourselves and made some complete stranger take a photo of us outside Aura at The Atlantis. Mind you, this was taken around 3 am. Yes, we are lovers.

Anchor Me Away!

(D&G Spring 2009 RTW)

The boat could be going to Alaska for all I care. Just give me these pants and I am ready to roll. I have nothing left to say. I will let the pants speak for themselves. Listen closely, they are trying to tell you something. Oh yea! How fabulous they are and how we all want them!

Fringing Out: It Don't Matter If It's Black or White

(Jil Sander Spring 2009 RTW)

Where to even begin? Honestly, you can't really go wrong with this. Ever. I have always been a lover of fanciful fringe and it is all over the runway this Spring. But, no one did it quite like Raf Simons of Jil Sander. The black or the white? I can't decide between the two! Can I just have both? I wish it was 1922 and I had the biggest feather head piece ever made. The roaring twenties would fit me nicely, as long as I was in this dress. Ragtime anyone?

Easy Breezy

(Versace Spring 2009 RTW)

This dress makes me want a sundae with summer and The Hamptons in a huge bowl, along side a giant bottle of champagne. Add some strawberries and I would die happy. I am loving soft pastels and sorbet hues. Did I mention the dress is reptile? This only makes the yearning more intense.

East Side Story

This is my first Gossip Girl post and seeing as how I am absolutely obsessed with the show, I have a feeling it is not going to be my last. Blair is my fav resident bad girl and I love, love her Anna Sui number in this pic. We all know we can never get enough of the drama, scandal, or fashion. Cheers to America's favorite fiction! XOXO.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


(tee: American Apparel, pants: American Apparel, bag: Chanel, scarf: Betsey Johnson)
My BF Julie and I decided before leaving Aura at the Atlantis, we should have a mini photo shoot. For all of you who know me, I love me some hot pants and wear them whenever possible. I am so channeling Olivia Newton-John in this pic. You better shape up, cause I need a man bitches!

When I Grow Up I Wanna Be A Rockstar

(Balmain Fall 2008 RTW)
I am totally in love with these leopard pants, not to even mention the jacket and boots. The new spring collection is amazing too but, I am still stuck on their punk inspired Fall collection.

Sing Sing- A Tribute

(Lauren- shirt: vintage YSL, skirt- American Apparel. Christy- tee: Nation LTD. skirt: American Apparel)
So, while in New York for fashion week, we decided to take over the Village and kareoke bar, Sing Sing. That place will never be the same again. In the words of Lauren the Great, "We are shutting it down". And yes, we most definetely did! New York is not ready for your dance moves my friend.

Lions and Tigers and Bears! OH MY!

(Ralph Lauren Spring 2009 RTW)
I am not the girl who dreams of going on some crazy African safari one day. But, I might be if I could wear this outfit while atop an elephant. Ralph Lauren's new Spring collection is an expedition that I want to go on everyday. What to go better with the untamed than sequins?

The Dark Angel

( Proenza Schouler: Fall 2008 RTW)

I have decided in my next life I want to wear this all sequin black Proenza Schouler outfit, while sitting in this all white living room. I want to do this everyday and I want to have a cigarette holder in my hand at all times. I think this outfit would be the perfect dark centerpiece to this all white backdrop. Heaven just got sexier.

Monday, January 12, 2009


To congratulate myself on graduating from business school, I purchased this YSL muse patent tote. I am a firm believer in spending good money on staple items such as this. Timeless and always a great accessory to every outfit.

Why is it Always the Bathroom?

(Me- top: vintage, pants: Privee, shades: Fendi/Jac- top: Madison Marcus, scarf: vintage/Christy- jacket:Zara, dress:Urban, shades: vintage)

My friends and I love ourselves alot you could say and for some reason love impromptu photo shoots in random bathrooms. This was on Jac's 21st Bday and from what I can tell, things were happening. We decided to go to our fav neighborhood bar, the Granville and live it up in sequins,leather, and such. Good stuff.

Taking it Public

(shirt: vintage, purse: Gucci, leggings: American Apparel, shades: RayBan)

For a long time I hated taking the subway in New York. Over the years, I have begun to hate the traffic and relish in the convenience of public transportation. This pic was taken during Fall Fashion Week. I believe I am giggling because we had just left Cafe LaLo, where we drank around 4 bottles of champagne.

The Boots Made Me Do It

(dress: Azzedine Alaia, boots: Fendi)

For anyone who knows, I am quite possibly one of the worst dancers, ever. Which is why I usually just sit. But, I am tellin you what, those Fendi boots make me wanna! At least I am still sitting down. Decided to be intense and pair them with my vintage Azzedine Alaia dress I found at my favorite New York vintage store, Ressurection.

My Invite Must Have Been Lost in the Mail

For all of you who don't know yet, art darling/graffiti master Stephen Sprouse has launched his new Louis Vuitton collection and just hosted a three-part party in NYC to celebrate! As always, Erin Wasson looks amazing, as does model Chanel. Love both looks so very much.

Color Block

(Bottega Veneta)
I know I have been posting many of my shoe obsessions but, I can't stop! There are just too many great pairs out there! These Bottega Veneta strappy heels are too perfect for cruise. Am I right or am I right? Not to mention the tri-color affect would lend to many outfiit matches. See, so many reasons why I should have them.

Wrap Me Up and Take Me Out

(everything: Burberry)

I love everything about this look. Fur: check! Yummy pattern blouse: check! and add the "trend of the moment" look of belting the two together and we have a winner! This makes me want to dance, dance revolution in the year 1976. Burberry is getting it right.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sail Away with Me

I want to be fabulous on some boat somewhere, wearing this insane sequin stripe Moschino Cheap and Chic sweater. This sweater and hot pants has my name written all over it. Ok, so maybe no hot pants on the boat but, it would still be fierce.

Holding Things Up

The one good thing I have found about VT (besides Jason) is the American Apparel store in downtown Burlington. Actually, it is a good thing for me and a bad thing for my bank account. I probably frequent the store 3-4 times a week. I know its seems a little obsessive but, give me a break! I am in VT after all! These suspenders are my new purchase for this week. I am going to wear them with the Sexuality tee from AA that I wish I owned in every color. Will post pic when I decide to sport the look.

Ruffles with an Edge

I know one of the new trends this season is ruffles, ruffles, and more ruffles. I will not be trying this one out on myself, considering I feel ridiculous in them. However, if by some miracle I obtain this 3.1 Phillip Lim ruffle zipper dress, I will be out in full force! Such a great way to display our femininity, while still evoking our edgy side. He has done it again. Big suprise!

Rodarte Ready

So, as usual I want everything in the Rodarte Spring 2009 Ready-to-Wear Collection. Why can't I be worth millions? If I was, I think I would probably purchase every single little thing. These pics are my two favorites from the runway show. I want to be buried in this gown. However, I could also die happy in these cutout leggings! And what is there to even say for the shoes? They were my second favorite thing about the show! I want to be tattered and torn in Rodarte pretty pretty please!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Draped and Wilted: The New Classic Comfort

Jac and I discovered Alexander Wang's new basic line, T by Alexander Wang, while at The News showroom this past fall. The line will be available at the Dressing Room and not only will you want to sleep in everything but, you will want to wear it out the next day. Effortless chic has never been so simple.

My Shoe Obsession

Alexander Wang is not only a magnificent clothes designer but, he is now tormenting me with his new shoe collection. Shutting it down.