Thursday, September 30, 2010

Reba's Extravaganza

(Jac: dress-vintage, Me: top- Madison Marcus, leather leggings- Halston, hat- vintage, Frankie: pant romper- Camilla, Rebecca: necklace- Mawi, Christy: dress- Camilla and Marc)

Sorry I have not been posting as much lately! We have been so busy! Just got back from NYC and pics to follow soon! This was taken several weeks ago when I forced Rebecca to have a bday celebration against her will! Birthdays are my favorite! So, I gathered some of the crew and we munched on yummies at Le Gallo Rosa. One of the fav places in Louisville! Everyone looked uber festive and somehow Reba and I ended up at Left Field Lounge late night. No shocker there!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

My Version Of Hiking Boots

(Tory Burch)
I have never been a huge Tory Burch fan but, lately she is really stepping things up and designing things that are much more my style. Case in point: the photo taken above of my new boots for Fall. Have been obsessing over these for several months and they have been sold out everywhere! So, of course the first thing I did when I arrived in NYC was take it to Saks in search. I found them and bought them immediately! Wore them yesterday in 95 degree weather. I don't care how hot it is outside, it's September 23rd and time for boots!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

What's Your Tuesday Like?

(tank: American Apparel, skirt: Camilla and Marc, shoes: Louboutin)
Christy: dress- Camilla, necklace- Mawi, turban- vintage/ Kate: kaftan- Camilla, turban: Camilla and Marc. assorted bangles available at Dressing Room

Well, yesterday turned out to be quite an adventure. Kate popped in to say hello followed by Christy so, clearly champagne was consumed and we decided to go ahead and have an impromptu photo shoot. Not really quite sure how this all came about, but the iPhone camera was pretty strong and the afternoon light shining through the trees was perfect. I am thinking that turbans might be my new thing. Kate is killing it in the leopard. Of course, Christy bought the dress she is wearing and Kate bought the kaftan and turban she is wearing! We might have a slight fashion obsession. Tuesday anyone?

Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Hat

(hat: vintage, top: Madison Marcus, leather pants: Halston Heritage, shoes: Louboutin)
Thursday night we went out to celebrate Rebecca's birthday and ended up where else, but Seviche! I just bought this fabulous jeweled hat at my fav vintage store, Nitty Gritty. I am absolutely in love! Will post a close-up and post asap!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Red Soles Are The Only Way To Go

(Hiliry- dress: Camilla and Marc, shoes: Louboutin/Me- dress: Elizabeth and James, shoes: Louboutin/ Jacqueline- dress: Barilla, shoes: Louboutin)
This pic was taken several weeks ago before we embarked on the Best Dressed Fashion Show adventure downtown. Dressing Room was a sponsor and show we decided to make a bold statement and all wear our Louboutins! Louboutins Unite!