Thursday, October 27, 2011

Just Blowouts

outside of the NYC DryBar
inside view
finished product

Several weeks ago Jac and I traveled to NYC for Coterie and showroom appointments. Of course as per usual we found plenty of time to have fun and pamper ourselves. I had read several pieces of press about this new phenom DryBar and discovered that the one in NYC had opened the day before we arrived! Perfect timing. I immediately got on the phone and made Jac and me appointments before we went out Saturday night for Brandon's Bday. It is hair mecca. For $35 you get a yummy cocktail, wash and condition, and a blowout! Everything is based around cocktail time, including the names of the hair styles to choose from. For example, I chose the Mai Tai (Beach waves) or one could go with the Cosmo (sophisticated curls). Needless to say I would be a member if I had a location within 60 miles of my house. Memberships are of course categorized as "Barfly" and "Regular". I mean really? Could this place be more perfect for me? If you are in LA or NYC anytime soon, one really must experience such bliss!


  1. I heard that we have one of these in San Diego. I've been wanting to try it since I heard about it last Fall.

  2. I went there lest year for my prom hair. They did a great job! My friend who went with me has stick straight hair that she can never so anything with and they curled it without a lot of product and it stayed all night through the dancing!